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Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Evaporator Coil Cleaning An average dirty evaporator coil (indoor coil) will cause an air conditioner to run 20% less efficiently than a clean evaporator coil. This can translate into serious money savings on your energy bill if the coil cleaning is cleaned properly. Contact cleaning methods can only clean the coil surfaces, whereas Eco Furnace will achieve a truly complete coil cleaning.

Eco Furnace Heating & Cooling Inc. certified technicians perform a very thorough evaporator coil cleaning. Any particulate build up can restrict air flow through the coil fins. The evaporator coil, condensate drain pan and drain are washed to ensure that no obstructions are present, which could cause improper draining. If any fins are found bent, the fins will be straitened with a coil fin comb. An deodorizing and sanitizing registered indoor bio-degradable spray cleaner is applied to wash all the way through the coil to deep clean and kill microbial and fungal growth at the end of source removal.

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