Air Quality - Humidifiers



Eco Furnace Heating & Cooling Inc. has been in the field of humidification systems, installation, maintenance and repair for years. It has helped make people's lives healthier, easier and less costly by providing the perfect humidifier for them to choose the right amount of humidity in their homes. The humidifier that we will recommended will make you feel more comfortable during winter. One very important benefit of using humidifiers in the house is the significant cost savings on your heating bills.

A maintained humidity level in your house keeps you warm, whereas low humidity makes the air cooler. In short, warm air holds more water than the cold air. When there is less moisture in the air and we sweat, the sweat doesn't evaporate, but, stays there. If humidity levels are high, the cooling mechanism in our bodies slow down and we feel less cold. Hence, you feel less cold in the winter and don't require costly heating of the house. Having the perfect humidifier that helps to moisturize the air becomes of utmost importance. Improperly maintained levels of humidity, cause irritation to allergy and asthma. Therefore; it is always recommended to maintain the indoor humidity level of 40% to 50%.

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